War news from public service – TV / text in the Nordics. April

DR Danmarks Radio / TV, NRK Norsk Rikskringkasting, SvT Sveriges Television, Svenska Yle, ERR Estonia, LSM Latvia. LRT Lithuania. 

19 april

LT LRT 12.37. Lithuania bans symbols of Russia‘s war against Ukraine

LT LRT 11.40. Head of Lithuanian Orthodox Church denies supporting war, accuses priests of conspiracy

S SvT 10.56. Many Jews leave Odessa: “A tragedy for the whole of Ukraine”

N NRK 10.28. Bury the dead in Butsja – fear history will repeat itself

LT LRT 7.00. ‘Ironically, Russians feel themselves victims’ – interview with Russia anthropologist

LV LSM 6.00. War in Ukraine will slow down Latvia’s economic growth: Finance Ministry

SF Yle 5.46. Svenska Yles enkät: Var tionde finlandss vensk oroar sig för attack to Finland

DK DR 5.40. Picture of smoking warship causes experts to give Russian explanation the death blow – one thing amazes them

18 april

N NRK 22.26. Zelensky: The battle for the Donbas is underway

SF Yle 18.1 8. Ukrainian Nadiia Fedor ova wants more help from Finland: “We must stop the Kremlin’s war machine”

LT LRT 10.00. ‘We didn’t want to wait for Russian structures to ruin our lives’: Lithuanian woman returned from Moscow

Est ERR 7.41. Ukrainians arriving on night buses from Russia risk losing access to help

N NRK 7.09. Urges residents of the Luhansk region to evacuate immediately

Est ERR 7.19. US security experts: Strategy to defend the Baltics needs to be overhauled

Est ERR 7.15. ERR in Kyiv: Air raid sirens no longer sending people running

17 april

N NRK 23.03. Must have called mother from warship t «Moscow»: – Many have severed limbs

S Svt 12.15. They are stuck in limbo in a room in the basement of the embassy

S SvT 11.26. Bert Sundström: Russian soldiers were buried in silence

N NRK 6.19. Russia asks Ukrainian soldiers to surrender in Mariupol

16 april

N NRK 23.45. At least two killed after bombing in Kharkiv – the plane alarm goes off again tonight

SF Yle 16.02. Halla-aho: Unnecessary to worry about nuclear weapons and NATO bases in Finland

Est ERR 14.30. Estonian navy commander: Moskva sinking will not affect Russia’s war goals

SF Yle 14.19. Does NATO mean nuclear weapons on Finnish soil and is it possible to leave the military alliance? Here you will find answers to 26 key questions about NATO

LT LRT 13.30. Power and myth of the Kremlin

N NRK 13.03. Scans faces of dead Russians before sending photos to parents

LT-LRT 10.30. With holiday season approaching, Ukrainian refugees to lose housing in Lithuanian resorts

S SvT 10.06. How reliable are the data on casualties in the war

LT LRT 9.00. In the footsteps of Russian soldiers. ‘You could die in the city, or you could die on the road

15 april

N NRK18.05. May be the largest warship sunk from land since Blücher

DK DR 11.52. The United States is sending heavy weapons to Ukraine before the expected Russian offensive

Est ERR 9.14. Gallery: Four Standing NATO Maritime Group 1 ships visit Tallinn

N NRK 8.45. The struggle for the truth. It is always  the others  who do not see reality as it really is.

LT LRT 8.37. Foreign Ministry issues warning as Belarus offers visa-free visits for Lithuanians

Est ERR 7.46. Refugees in transit via Narva risk not receiving help, say volunteers

SF Yle 6.53. Comment: Could Donald Trump and the Republicans put a stop to Finnish NATO membership?

N NRK 4.03. Reports of powerful explosions are taking place in several places in Ukraine

S SvT 0.06. Russia: The flagship Moscow has sunk

14 april

N NRK 22.10. The warship “Moscow ” has sunk

SF Yle 16.14. Experts: Finland’s path to NATO should be smooth.

N NRK 15.51. Russia threatens countermeasures if Finland and Sweden join NATO

Est ERR 14.14. €200-million EDF armored vehicle procurement fast-tracked

LT LRT 14.14. Extra US troops with Paladin artillery systems arrive in Lithuania

SF Yle 12.47. Russia’s propaganda can be seen as incitement to genocide – wants to erase all traces of Ukrainian identity

DK DR 11.51. The United States is sending heavy weapons to Ukraine before the expected Russian offensive

LT LRT 11.41. Lithuanian officials puzzled by Russia’s threat to deploy nuclear weapons in Kaliningrad

LT LRT 8.46. Finland, Sweden in NATO would be ‘game changer’ for Baltic security – Lithuanian PM

N NRK 7.08. Russian warship on fire in the Black Sea – Ukraine claims to be behind

LT LRT 7.00. ‘We were melting snow to have water’: Lithuanian-Ukrainian woman escaped from Mariupol

Est ERR 6.45. Estonian president in Ukraine: More military aid urgently required

SF Yle 4.30. Jonas Jungar: NATO and journalism – about reporting in the crossfire between people’s expectations and Russian hybrid influence

SF Yle 3.57. The Finnish authorities referred to the opinion of the Swedish expert: ‘

the 13th of March

N NRK 20.04. Russian activist: – I had two choices . Delete everything from social media, or leave Russia

N NRK 20.44. Ukraine is asking for more weapons : – Does not have weapons that can defend the population against rockets to the coast

DK DR 18.26. Sweden and Finland are heading for NATO :  ‘I think we in Denmark should clap our little hands’

S SvT 18.26. The secret game in S about NATO: “Hultqvist will not be completely happy if we join”

LT LRT 15.32. Lithuania ready for Russia’s potential hybrid attacks – PM

Est ERR 14.53. Russia’s war against Ukraine displays clear signs of genocide — Estonian PM

LV 12.52. Latvia training Ukrainian drone pilots

S SvT 11.37. Task: S calls for a decisive NATO meeting

LV LSM. 11.51. Border town Bauska might limit freight transit at weekends

LT LRT 11.22. Lithuania to buy over 100 additional IFVs from Germany

N NRK 10.07. Russia praises Norway’s move against “Russophobia”

S SvT 8.59. Therefore, Finland’s choice of path is crucial for a Swedish yes to NATO

LT LRT 8.00. Lithuanian FM: Is our goal just peace, or is it regime change in Russia? – interview

N NRK 6.54. Russian mother of small children wanted to remove Putin-critical children’s drawings at library in Tromsø

SF Yle 6.56. Svenska Yles och Magmas enkät: Svenskspråkiga i Finland är mer osäkra i Natofrågan än befolkningen överlag

Est ERR 6.37. Estonian, Baltic presidents to meet Zelenskyy in Kyiv

N NRK 18.28. Drones built by amateurs in basements contributed to the victory in the Battle of Kyiv

Est ERR 14.16. ISS: Economic relations with Russia undermining Estonian security

SF Yle 11.04. Yles granskning: Finskt bolag edade oligarken Timtjenkos Helicopter and hemlighet – sex finländare misstänks nu för grova tullredovisningsbrott

N NRK 9.30. Mayor of Mariupol: Over 10,000 civilians killed

S SvT 9.30. Expert: Three important sites in an offensive in eastern Ukraine

Est ERR 9.24. Sanctions have not yet reduced flow of goods from Russia to Estonia

LT LRT 8.24. Unprecedented queues form on Lithuania-Belarus border following EU’s sanctions

LT LRT 8.22. Rally in Vilnius calls on Germany to ‘wake up’ and stop buying Russian energy

LT LRT8.22. Lithuania was first to help Ukraine, Zelensky tells country’s parliament

11th of April

NN NRK 22.32. He will hire the Russian soldiers in Ukraine

SF Yle 18.23. Swedish Express: Hemligt Natomöte i Finland förra veckan

N NRK 17.39. Russian Sami leader: – We are against the war in Ukraine

LT LRT 16.36. ‘Our kids said we need to help’: Lithuanians took in three Ukrainian girls

S SvT 16.29. Protesting Russian TV editor employed by German newspaper

N NRK 15.28. Ukraine is preparing for Russian attacks in the east soon

Est ERR 15.27. European Commission grants Estonian military mobility project €31 million

N NRK 11.42. The crew of the Chernobyl power plant has been replaced

est ESF Yle 11.11. The Armed Forces is preparing to buy drones for 14 million

Est ERR 10.43. Gallery: NATO battlegroup troops practice warfare on Estonian terrain

LT LRT 10.32. Lithuania’s sanctions-hit fertiliser producer suspends operation

S SvT 10.09. The Social Democrats start a NATO debate in the party

LT Lrt 9.29. Ukraine must remain in spotlight, Lithuanian MPs say after visiting Kyiv, Irpin, Bucha

S SvT 9.07. Ukrainians return to Kiev: “Trains from Poland crowded”

Est ERR 7.59. Interest in the Defense League spikes in wake of Ukraine war

LV LRV 6.49. 152 Russian and Belarusian trucks denied entry into Latvia

Est ERR 6.16. Survey: Most people support Aliens Act amendments for refugees only

10 april

N NRK 19.00. When the Russians withdrew , the family moved home. A week later, they opened the basement door

S SvT 18.31. ” Every Russian has a responsibility” – Russians demonstrated against the war on Möllevångstorget

DK DR 16.40. Mette Frederiksen wants us away from Russian natural gas quickly – but it can take up to seven years

N NRK 16.22. Was rescued by delayed taxi – arrived three minutes after the explosion

S SvT 15.29. Military convoy moves south through eastern Ukraine

SF Yle 15.03. Prime Minister Sanna Marin: “Nobody gives the same security guarantees as NATO – but cooperation with other countries is not out of the question”

LT LRT 9.00. Are there any sanctions left to pressure Russia?

LV LSM 8.56. Hybrid threats: the Baltic experience with Russian aggressive behavior

S SvT 8.52. After the Russian invasion – thousands return: “Want to give birth to my child in Ukraine”

DK DR 6.49. Svitlana and Vasyl spent over 20 years building their house – but then it disappeared in an instant

SF Yle 6.00. Marine biologist Erik Bo nsdorff: The war in Ukraine could have serious consequences for Baltic Sea cooperation

9 april

SF Yle 14.40. The Ukraine War and Germany – a country whose politicians do not seem to dare to make the right decisions

DK DR 11.56. The EU is putting the turbo on the first part of Ukraine’s EU application process – the next steps are far more uncertain

SF Yle 9.28. Prime Minister Sanna Ma rin on NATO: “The situation may get worse – that’s why we have to decide this spring”

LT LRT 6.14. Most Lithuanians believe Ukraine will win war – survey

N NRK 7.10. The United States says Russia used short-range missiles in the Kramatorsk attack

LT 7.00. Lithuanian volunteer rescuing irregular migrants: ‘I’m told I’m harming my country’ – opinion

S SvT 6.33. Their images reveal the cruelty of war-torn Ukraine: “These are hard facts”

N NRK 2.42. The United States says Russia used short-range missiles in the Kramatorsk attack

8 april

DK DR 18.00. Rocket attack on train station in Kramatorsk:  ‘It’s pure terrorist strategy’

N NRK 17.56. Russian soldiers dug so -called outer graves in radioactive forest

N NRK 17.45. Demands war crimes case – Russian soldiers must have agreed to murder

Est ERR 16.29. Increasing number of Ukrainians fleeing war through Russia to Europe

LT LRT 16.14. Most Lithuanians believe Ukraine will win war – survey

S SvT 15.22. Skåne Nikola on site in Butja : “It is chaotic”

LT LRT 16.22. EU in ‘good direction’ with Russian energy bans, but talks give little optimism – Lithuanian FM

Est ERR 14.43. MP: Finland NATO accession would radically change Estonian security

S SvT 13.57. At least 50 killed after attack on railway station in Kramatorsk

S SvT 9.29. Defense expert: The question must be thought through properly

S SvT 9.21. The parties are increasingly in agreement on NATO, according to Finnish experts

LV LSM 8.48. 15 names added to Latvia’s entry blacklist on security service recommendation

SF Yle 7.04. Expert: “Finland will cope with Russia’s reaction to possible NATO application”

LT LRT 7.00. LRT English Newsletter: Frontlines within

Est ERR 6.52. Russian and Belarusian citizens no longer eligible for Estonian work visas

SF Yle 6.04. Experts in A-talk: It is possible that Russia will take military action if Finland applies for NATO membership

N NRK 2.01. Zelensky: Borodjanka is much worse than Butsja

N NRK 0.48. S second war for Ukraine: Sorry, mom and dad. Now you know

7 april

LV LSM 18.22. Latvian Foreign Minister calls for permanent NATO presence in the Baltic states

LT LRT 16.06. Lithuanian ambassador returns to Kyiv: ‘No time to think about dangers’ – interview

DK DR 15.34. Ukraine catches up with Russia in arms race  – but now the war is changing character

Est ERR 13.11. Estonia to stop importing Russian gas by end of 2022

LV LSM 12.38. Baltic, Polish Transport Ministers working on more Russia restrictions

S SvT 12.13. The image of Iryna’s hand has been shared all over the world

DK DR 11.30. Mette Frederiksen:  Russia ‘s ambassador should not interfere in what is happening on Bornholm

Lithuanian ambassador returns to Kyiv: ‘No time to think about dangers’ – interview

SF Yle 11.01. Measures worth SEK 850 million to reduce Finland’s dependence on Russian energy: Liquid LNG terminal part of the solution

DK DR 10.59. Ukrainian patients receive treatment in Denmark :  This means for the Danish healthcare system

6 april

5 april

S SvT 21.13. The devastation in Butja – we know this

4 april.

3 april

2 april

1 april